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Your Secrets to Getting Glowing Skin In A Week

Right at the top of most women’s Christmas list is not a paper bag filled with make-up from Sephora, nor is it the trendiest outfit off the fashion runway — it is flawless, glowing skin, as much as we may try to deny it. Some would say having flawless skin is a pipe dream after our skin has consistently held off any suggestions of cooperation. At times, it even feels like those acne, dark circles, pigmentation and blackheads all have some sort of hateful agenda against your skin and as much we scream and beg, our skin seems to deteriorate over time.


It is Not Too Late

If you are desperately searching for a lifeline, you are in luck, since the secret to flawless, glowing skin just requires a little tweaking to your lifestyle from your daily skincare regime and your diet to a simple homemade facial mask.


Keep it on Repeat

We are not joking in the slightest, when we say this is the most important component towards having glowing skin. Ask any beauty expert and they would tell you how much they swear by “CTM”. That is cleansing, toning and moisturising, if you are unfamiliar with the term. To the majority of us, CTM might seem like second nature and it is a natural step that follows after our time in the shower room. But let’s not discount those days when we have just had a long day of work and are tempted to immediately crawl into bed with our make-up on.

Over the course of the day, your face comes into contact with pollution and dust from the environment and those dirt, dead skin cells, make-up and natural oils would accumulate in your pores, clogging them up and causing skin issues, like acne. After the use of a make-up remover or cleanser suitable for your skin type, a toner ensures that no residual oil or dust stays on the surface and tightens your pores.

The moisturiser will then come into effect as the final step to lock in all the moisture and prevent the skin from drying up. If you are doing this just before bedtime, dab on an eye serum as well, for the skin below your eyes to reduce any under-eye baggage.


You are What You Eat

Have you ever heard of the saying, “you are what you eat”? That has mostly been used by nutritionists to advise others to watch what they eat, since how healthy our cells are is determined primarily by the food that we consume. To bring home our point, between an individual who eats clean and nutrient-rich, whole foods and another who indulges in diets that are dominated by highly processed foods with little nutrients, the latter would find herself more inclined to issues like premature aging and a higher chance of contracting illnesses and diseases.

Why this is so is because of how the nutrients in the food we consume actually furnish the foundation to the structure of every cell in our body. We are talking about skin cells, hair cells, muscle cells and even those that make up our immune system. When your body has a lack of nutrients to work around with, it develops cells that are much weaker in structure.

Similarly, when we ingest nutrient-poor food, it slows down the rate at which our cells repair themselves. From the wear and tear of everyday life or exercise, your body will find it much harder to rejuvenate your cells. What we should be doing is to lunch on more nutrient-dense food — food items that are high in nutrients, but low in calories like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meat. By eating right, it ensures your body has a good base to repair its cells and in turn, is a surefire way to get your skin glowing at its best.


Scrub and Rub to Perfect Skin

On top of your CTM routine, the next golden rule is to exfoliate.To have your skin looking its usual radiant self, an exfoliating scrub could just be the thing to shed all the dead skin cells at the topmost layer of your skin and extract all the oil and dirt within your clogged pores. With just a simple scrub, you can unveil the beautiful layer of skin hidden under all that grime. Even though it might seem questionable to choose homemade exfoliants over their store-bought variants, homemade scrubs might just have a slight edge, since they do not contain harsh chemicals that might just damage your skin.

A simple face scrub that you can whip up with two ingredients is the Coconut Oil Sugar Face Scrub. As you might have noticed, the ingredient list is in its name. Specifically, you would need a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed with two tablespoons of sugar to make this simple face scrub. After stirring them together into a consistent mixture, rub the mix onto your skin gently in circular motions for about a minute and rinse it off with warm water after. This homemade concoction is just one of the many recipes out there that would maintain a clear complexion, while ensuring your skin looks in the pink of health. But do bear in mind that exfoliants are not to be used more than twice a week, as it may result in your skin thinning out.


Skincare is Hard Work

Your skin pretty much functions as a mirror,since it takes into account every aspect of your lifestyle. Whether you eat healthy, adopt positive lifestyle practices, like abstaining from smoking, getting your necessary hours of beauty sleep or taking good care of your skin, it shows up in your overall skin health.

While it might seem like there is plenty of work to be done, take a shot by following our tips for a week and observe what seven days of change would do to your skin. Chances are, you would be surprised and even motivated to build on this little success, when your skin starts showing signs of its youthful days.

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