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Why You Should Lace Up To Shape Up

Looking for a quick fix to flatten a bulged belly for an evening night out or to look nothing short of amazing? Give training corsets a try! A popular fashion garment in the 1900s for women in Europe to exhibit their figure and sensuality under all the heavy and neck to ankle dresses, corset was worn over their apparels. As time went by, the corset became an undergarment worn to provide a slim body. Usually underneath skin-tight outfits or as a lingerie. It also found a sweet spot in the medical industry as the perfect brace for patients who were recovering from spinal and back injuries. Transcending through time and evolving with the needs of the society, lacing up a corset is no longer just about getting a beautiful figure. It also has other amazing benefits that you can enjoy as you add it to your wardrobe. Read on to find out why you should lace up to shape up.


Better Body Posture

Wearing a corset can help relieve the pain of vertebral fractures, osteoarthritis, slipped discs by correcting your body posture. When laced or buckled, the corset squeezes your body, and redistribute the weight at your core with the corset as a support, leaving you to stand in a perfectly straight position. If you lift weights in the gym, wearing a training corset would definitely help keep any back and/or spinal injuries at bay as it helps guide your body to the correct position and supports the working muscles in the workout.


Relieve Back Pain

Achieving better posture and redistribution of load that the muscles at your core area have to bear, you will find that any persisting back pain will be relieved. This is because the training corset has provided additional support for your spine, hence taking away unnecessary strains on your back too.


Achieve Hourglass Figure

With the contracting of your body done by the corset, your body is being moulded into a perfect hourglass shape by the steel bones and greatly reduce your waistline size. Just like how square watermelons are grown in a cubic mould, your body will slowly take the shape and form of the hourglass that you have created by wearing the corset.


Helps in Weight Loss

In the process of moulding your body to an ideal shape using the corset, your stomach has a restriction to how much it can be expanded Thus, it controls the amount of food that you have, which is one way of reducing weight. To boost this benefit, look out for your calorie intake and work in an exercise routine for an even more effective shape-up plan.


Boosts Confidence

Collectively with the better shape, better posture and slimmer you, you would surely feel a surge of a confidence boost. Feeling good about yourself promotes better mental health. On top of this, feel-good hormones, also known as endorphins are released. With endorphins combined with the lowered stress of getting into shaping up, you can achieve clearer skin with a decrease of cortisol and other acne-provoking hormones.


Soothe Headaches & Migraines

A throbbing head can be caused by many factors. One common reason why a headache happens is due to a tightness caused by tensed muscles trying to adapt to the constraints that have been put onto them. The muscles can get such stress from poor posture. With your posture corrected by wearing a corset, better distribution of support required from your muscles is achieved. Thus, it also clears the linking nerves of the brain and spine, relieving headaches and migraines.


Rid Neck & Shoulder Aches

For women who are more endowed in the chest area, it is rather common that you would experience neck & shoulder aches from time to time. This may be caused by the reliant of neck and shoulder muscles to hold up the weight of your assets. By wearing a corset, you would get extra support for them and also give your your womanly assets a perkier outlook. With better posture and support, your muscle strains will be eased, resulting in lower frequency of experiencing sore neck shoulders.

On the other hand, for women who are looking to give their chest appearance a natural enhancement, corset is a good alternative to a stuffed, push-up lingerie.

Two Sides To a Coin

There are two sides to a coin and shaping up with corset may be a quick fix to get in shape without breaking into a major sweat but there are still some things that ought to be taken note o like skin irritation caused by the constant rubbing of your skin with the garment and acid reflux caused by the compression of the stomach area.

In extreme situations, it has the potential to cause the weakening of the midsection walls as well as visceral dislocation. Not forgetting the possibility of deformation of lungs, stomach and liver too, when the corset has been worn and used to achieve a tiny waist with a diameter of a mineral water bottle.

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