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Tackle Cellulite with Exercise

When cellulite becomes too hard to ignore, covering it up turns into a dreaded chore that limits your wardrobe. Although for some, cellulite is something they eventually accept and live with. For others however, it becomes a frustrating issue that needs to be dealt with immediately.


What is Cellulite & How is it Caused?

When fat pushes its way through weak connective-tissue strands, it protrudes out, making the skin look lumpy and dimpled — this formation on the surface of the skin is called cellulite. The best way to describe the appearance of having cellulite is by comparing it to an orange peel.

Although both men and women are prone to having cellulite, women are said to be more predisposed to getting it. This is because women have more fat stored in their hips and thighs. Even though having cellulite is not an indication of a major health problem, it has become more of an aesthetic issue for people who would like smoother skin.

The exact reason for cellulite is still not clear, though there are several factors that aid in the formation of cellulite. Age is one factor that plays a big role in producing lumpy, uneven skin on your body. The body produces less oestrogen as a woman ages, which inadvertently leads to poorer circulation and results in a decrease in collagen production. As oestrogen in the body starts declining, fat cells begin to grow, making fat deposits more prominent and noticeable on your skin.

The combined effect of skin becoming less taut and thinner as you age increases the chances of developing cellulite. Additionally, genetics, slow metabolism, diet and lifestyle can strongly influence the development of cellulite. Interestingly enough, cellulite doesn’t just affect overweight individuals — even slim and fit people can be affected by the benign condition.


Best Types of Exercises to Combat Cellulite

Even though there are countless treatments in the market to tackle cellulite, exercise is one effective way to reduce the appearance of lumpy, dimpled skin. There are a number of exercises you can do to alleviate the impression of cellulite on your skin.

1. Cardio

It’s widely believed that low-intensity cardio and an increased number of repetitions (reps) when lifting weights will aid in ridding the body of unwanted fat, but this isn’t the case. The combination of strength-training moves and high-intensity interval training sessions would be the real exercises you need to do to tone muscle tissue, and maintain or slowly increase the amount of lean muscle tissue in the body.

2. Treadmill Intervals

Treadmill intervals are great for addressing unyielding problem spots. Incorporate a number of moves, including traditional strides and walking backwards, which will work your hamstrings and glutes harder. Walk at an easy pace for the first two minutes, then start walking briskly for two to four minutes, before integrating a combination of side shuffles and backward strides (walking backwards).

3. Tabata Drills

Another effective workout you can do is Tabata drills. The best part about this workout is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Renowned for being a short, but extremely beneficial fat-burning workout, Tabata drills start with a brief warm-up — consisting of three to five minutes of marches, stationary squats and arm circles. You can concentrate much of your effort on one Tabata, which is 20 seconds long, then follow it up with 10 seconds of rest. You are to repeat this for seven more times for a total of four minutes. Another advantage of this workout is its versatility, as you get to pick the moves that you are comfortable with.

4. Strength Training

Strength training is another way to combat the cellulite. Concentrate on building up your hamstrings, quads, buttocks and hips. It’s best to workout at least two times a week. To ensure that you don’t plateau, challenge your muscles by increasing the weights of your equipment consistently over a period of time. Include moves like step-ups (20 reps each), lunges (30 to 50 reps each) and squats (50 reps) into your weekly workout regime. For step-ups, use a bench or fitness step to effectively target your muscles. For lunges and squats, make sure that you’re using the correct form when executing your moves.


An Additional Note

In addition to exercise, ensure that you’re getting a healthy amount of sleep — seven to eight hours of quality sleep and staying hydrated are required. Also pay attention to your diet and incorporate as much nutrients as you can in your daily intake.

If you’re not completely satisfied with exercises smoothing out bumps and lumps, consider mixing in some home remedies and natural treatments, along with your cardio and strength training.

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