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Rejuvenate Your Complexion With These 4 Teas

The British absolutely swear by their afternoon tea and until you have had a cup for yourself, you would find yourself picking holes in their logic. Some of them appreciate the rich profile that each variation of tea has to offer, while others drink it for the unique stimulating boost that tea has over coffee.

What gives tea the upper hand over its counterpart is theanine, an amino acid that is mainly found in tea. Researchers have discovered that when this amino acid is consumed together with caffeine, it keeps the drinker much more alert and nimble when switching between tasks.

Another benefit that would be of interest to most readers would be the clear, glowing skin that most tea drinkers would take away from their daily dose of tea. For starters, all teas originate from the Camellia sinensis plant, regardless of its name. It is the processing of tea leaves that results in the different forms, from green tea and black tea to white tea.

Despite the many variations, they are all rich in antioxidants, including the EGCG, that helps to boost metabolism and combat free radicals that damage the skin when left alone. Of course, when we talk about tea, that term has been expanded to also include herbal infusions like hibiscus, rooibos, chamomile and lemongrass, which bring in their individual benefits as well.


For Detoxification

When it comes to detoxification, most people turn to green tea, but it does not happen in the same manner that we believe in our heads — just to clarify, green tea does not actively remove the harmful toxins in your body on its own, but it does own natural polyphenols, which bolster your body’s detox system.

Even though there is no cleansing of organs per se, green tea aids the detoxification process by supporting the liver in providing antioxidants that the liver asks for to counteract the free radicals. In addition, it is also known to enhance the level of enzyme activity, which supports the early phases of detoxification by the liver.

This might be entirely new to you but kombucha, a fermented tea drink, has been known to be brimming with enzymes and bacterial acids that promote natural detoxification. Since it came into popularity in the 90’s, little has been known about the process. Luckily for you, we have the answers.

Over the course of a month, kombucha is brewed by fermenting tea with a colony of bacteria and yeast. The end product is a drink with a vinegary taste that is often made palatable with the addition of fruit juice. As a result of the fermentation process, kombucha contains glucaric acid that enhances the efficiency of the liver’s detoxification process.


For Acne-Prone Skin

Derived from the other end of the world, rooibos tea has been highly recommended in combating acne issues, since it contains many rare antioxidants, vitamin D and a variety of minerals, like zinc, magnesium, calcium and manganese.

The South African tea has been making the rounds as more and more have caught wind of the rare antioxidants that rooibos contains. In each serving of rooibos tea, it contains rich amounts of the antioxidants, aspalathin and nothofagin, that slow down and stop the growth of acne bacteria, viruses and fungi on your skin.

People likely to get irritated skin or skin inflammation would find a daily serving of rooibos tea helpful since its anti-inflammatory properties address one of the main causes of acne breakouts. On top of drinking three to five cups of rooibos tea each day, resting the tea bags or loose rooibos on your skin is known to help your pores soak up the minerals and nutrients in the red tea.


For Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles

This section would naturally pique your curiosity. For most night owls, sleep deprivation has a lasting effect on the sensitive periorbital areas right beneath your eyes. To get out from the hold of eye bags and dark eye circles, the obvious first step is to resume a normal sleep cycle. Following that, seek out caffeinated tea at your nearest tea shop. Why do you ask? When you place one or two soaked tea bags below your eyes, the caffeine in the tea leaves would constrict the blood vessels around your eyes and make your dark eye circles less visible.

Eye bags are a product of water retention, which causes your face to be slightly bloated and puffy. Seek out chamomile tea at the tea shop, empty out the contents of your chamomile tea bag and mix them with your facial cleanser to create an exfoliating mask. As chamomile is high in tannic acids, it would reduce the swelling and puffiness, while tightening the skin area around your eyes.


Clink Your Way to Perfect Skin

Tea can be so comforting, especially when you are sitting within the air-conditioned confines of your office or home. Whether you are a fan of green tea or rooting for rooibos on the sidelines, you should walk away knowing that each tea has its distinct qualities that go hand in hand with maintaining and possibly improving your skin.

Whatever tea you decide on, know that it is always a ‘par-tea’ when you have a teapot of brew waiting to be served.

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