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Make-Up 101: Asian Versus American

As the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so it appears to be that beauty is of a subjective opinion, rather than an universal opinion. Take make-up trends for instance. To be honest, all make-up products provide you with the same benefit - that is to accenture your beauty. We all want to look pretty and beauty. So depending on where you live in, and the culture you grow up with, your perception of beauty is of course shaped differently. One long-standing argument regarding make-up has been: is the Asian make-up style superior to the American make-up style or vice-versa?


Asian Make-Up Versus American Make-Up

When we think about Asian and make-up, Korea and Korean beauty (K-Beauty) comes to mind right away. The Korean pop (K-pop) culture has got everyone enamoured of its celebrities and their skin care regime, their make-up style and even fashion trends. In Korea, a doe-eyed look that spells innocence is heavily favoured whereas in America, sexy and sultry make-up look is the norm.

Difference In Foundation

In Korea, a natural and youthful look is favoured heavily. Thus the foundation the Koreans tend to favour has a hydrated sheen (not oily) and looks super smooth. The products the Koreans use to create a luminous complexion will be foundation cushions or tinted moisturisers. The Americans, on the hand, tend to favour a matte look. Therefore, they turn to powder foundations and liquid foundations to create the matte look.

Difference In Brows

Soft, straight brows is synonym with the Korean make-up as they believe straight brows make them look more youthful. The consistent theme with the Korean make-up is natural. Brows that are fuller and thicker resemble brows that we had as children, so it appears to make a face look more youthful. The Americans like their brows arched and well-defined as they believe it allows them to look sexy and sophisticated.

Difference In Eye Make-Up

Again, the ‘natural’ theme extends to the choice of colours the Koreans use on their faces. They will choose shimmery pink, peach or champagne to colour their eyes. These colours tend to brighten their eyes and give them an innocent look. The Koreans also created aegyo-sal, which is to highlight the layer of fat under the eye area that give them a sweeter and youthful appearance. If the aegyo-sal is not done well, you could really look like you have puffy eyes and did not sleep well at night. Topping it off with eyeliner and some swipes of the mascara wand, the Korean eye make-up is completed. The smokey eye trend is what defines the Americans make-up style. Depending on the choice of colours used, the smokey eye can take you from daytime (pick neutral browns for work) to nighttime (pick alluring purples for a night out). The eyeliner will be angled upwards to create a cat-eyed look that again makes the Americans look sexier and more sophisticated. Layer on more coats of mascara or eyelash extensions to open up the eyes.

Difference In Cheeks

Similar to the eyes, the cheekbones are often dusted in shades of shimmery peach, coral or pink to highlight a fresh and glowing look. The outcome looks like you have a glow from within, and that signifies a healthy and youthful outlook. For the Americans, the blusher is often applied on the apple of the cheeks instead, and dusted off with highlighters, and even some contouring is done to accentuate sharper cheekbones.

Difference In Lip Colours

The Koreans created gradient lips, a make-up look that features a darker lip colour in the centre of the mouth, and a lighter colour on the edges. This gradient lip look is achieved by applying a lip colour in the middle of the lips before blending out onto the edges. So it looks as though you have been eating cherries or strawberries and their juices were left to stain on your lips. It is believed that the gradient lips look give the Koreans a coquettish and innocent look. Similar to the rest of their make-up, the Americans prefer a fuller lip pout. They go for deep reds for a night out, or they stick with nudes or neutral matte lipsticks for the daytime look. Lips are first lined with a matching lip liner to create the perfect lip shape before filling it up with the same lipstick colour.

Contouring Or Highlighting?

As Asians, the Koreans are generally not blessed with deep-set eyes, sharp nose bridge, sharp cheekbones unlike the Americans. So while the Americans contour to further enhance their chiselled jawlines, cheekbones and sharp nose bridge, the Koreans choose a softer approach to contour their faces to create an illusion of a slimmer face (the famed V-lined face).


Which Make-Up Style Is Better?

Ultimately, it is up to you, the user who decides on which make-up style suits you and your needs. Beauty is subjective, the art of make-up is also subjective. At the end of the day, make-up products are created to make every woman feel gorgeous. So go on, create yourself and be gorgeous!

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