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Is Triple Cleansing Your Answer To Clearer Skin?

Living in a cosmopolitan city is an exciting adventure. The excitement shows on your face, as you get hyped up on the buzz and high energy levels the city presents to you. You know what else shows on your face? Dirt, grime and pollution that are also presents given to you when living in these highly populated cities. So, what do you do?


You Cleanse, Of Course

Cleansing is an everyday routine that everyone performs. For some, it is a simple routine. You wake up in the morning, you wash your face with (preferably) a cleanser or soap bar. You come home later in the evening and wash your face again before you hit the sack. For others, it is like a ritual, complete with exfoliation pads, micellar water, cleansing milk or cleansing oil, to name a few. Regardless of your preferred routine, have you wondered if you were cleansing correctly and if your cleansing procedures were beneficial to your skin?


Double Cleansing

Double cleansing, as the name suggests, involves cleansing your face twice. Originating in Asia since the 14th century (some say Japan, Korea or even China), the technique of double cleansing has since been spreading all over the world. Women of all races and skin types are jumping on the double-cleansing bandwagon.


How Does Double Cleansing Work?

This is the idea behind double cleansing:

Step One

Use an oil-based cleanser to remove the dirt, grime and make-up residue (if any) from your face. The logic behind using an oil-based cleanser is that ‘oil attracts oil’, and the oil-based cleanser will ‘attract’ and wipe away the stubborn make-up, dirt and grime from your face. Use on dry skin and massage for one minute or two. When you add water to oil-based cleansers, you will notice that they emulsify and become milky. This is because oil-based cleansers are water-soluble.

Step Two

The first step of oil-based cleansing is to remove surface impurities. The second step is to follow this up with a water-based cleanser to remove the remaining oil residue and water-based impurities. The second cleanse goes deeper to thoroughly remove all impurities, so that you are left with a clean face at the end of the cleanse. But now, the latest hype in the market is to triple cleanse.


What Is Triple Cleansing?

Triple cleansing is basically incorporating another step into your double-cleansing regime. If you are already in the habit of double cleansing (congratulations on your hardworking effort to keep your face clean), adding an additional step should not be a difficult task for you. The process for triple cleansing goes like this:

  • Cleanse your face with a cleansing wipe or micellar water to remove the first layer of grime, dirt and make-up residue.
  • Follow up with an oil-based cleanser to remove the oil-based impurities.
  • Finish off the routine with a water-based cleanser to wash off the water-based impurities.

It is said that triple cleansing can make a notable difference to your skin, in terms of your skin texture and appearance.

How Does It Work For Oily Skin?

Oil-based cleansers are good for oily skin users, because as mentioned earlier, ‘oil attracts oil’. For the second cleanser, go for refining and detoxifying cleansers. These types of cleansers will leave your skin clean, clear and refined. One thing oily skin type users have to note is to be careful of using cleansers that may dry their skin of the necessary oils, instead. If you strip away too much oil from oily skin, your sebum production will go into overdrive and produce so much oil, you can probably cook an egg on your face on a hot day.

How Does It Work For Dry Skin?

Dry skin users are probably sceptical of double cleansing and triple cleansing, as they would fear it will strip their skin of essential oils. But, as long as you are using the right products, dry skin users should not fear double or triple cleansing. Oil-based cleansers are generally not an issue for dry skin users. The second water-based cleansers you dry skin users should choose are products that work to hydrate your skin as they cleanse. Nourishing cleansing products are the best, as they are less harsh on your dry skin. Thus, your skin is left feeling soft and supple, rather than the squeaky-clean and tight feeling.


The Bottom Line: Does Triple Cleansing Really Work?

While double cleansing sufficiently does the trick for most of the days, triple cleansing really comes in and gets the job done on days when you have a thick layer of make-up for special occasions, and you really need a thorough deep cleanse to remove all the gunk on your face. Even though it does take up even more time, the results (no more acne breakouts or skin issues) you will reap in the long run will totally be worth all the time you spend cleansing your face.

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