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Ice Your Way To Pore-less Skin

While having unsightly enlarged pores is a bane in itself, especially when you realise how obviously huge they are after applying your foundation during make-up, there are many other bothersome skin issues that come hand in hand with it — like oily skin and acne. Humid weather on our sunny island, Singapore, is not making this any easier for any of us, too. However, if you are looking for a quick and effective fix that would help you minimise your pores right at home without the hefty price tag, ice cubes may just be what you will need. Read on to find out more about using ice for the rejuvenation of your skin and bringing a beautiful glow to it.


Radiant & Refreshed

Running an ice cube over your skin can help improve blood circulation and make your skin glow. The coldness from the ice constricts blood vessels under your skin, as you slide it all around your face. This would lower the rate of blood flow in your facial skin. To combat this constriction, your body will start circulating more blood to your face and hence, making it look more radiant and refreshed. We think this little trick with ice is great as a morning pick-me-up or a quick refreshment for your skin before a big night out.


Enhances Absorption

The constriction of capillaries in your face by rubbing an ice cube on it creates a pulling effect from your pores into your body. This is great for speeding up the absorption of facial product that you apply to your face. Simply run the ice cube over your face after the application of the products and pat dry. With this simple step, you would be getting a bigger bang for your buck for those skincare products you have bought!


Tightens Pores

The pores on your skin are like the doors for both tonics and toxins to enter and exit your body. They would expand and contract, according to the temperature and conditions that they are exposed to. When you perspire in the heat, your pores would open up, releasing toxins and sweat. And when your skin experiences lower temperature, the pores would shrink. With your pores tighten upon the contact of the coldness, it would be no surprise that your face would look smooth and silky. If you apply foundation or concealer to even out your skin tone, they would glide on with ease and look really smooth.


No More Oily Skin

Tightening pores would, in turn, help minimise oil production on your skin. This means that it would be harder for dirt and dust to be trapped in your skin compared to an oily face, hence, reducing facial acne too. Hurray!


Reduces Wrinkles

Though you cannot stop time or reverse your age, you can control the speed at which signs of ageing develop. Applying ice cubes on wrinkles or before they even surface can help reduce the appearance of existing lines or formation of new ones.


Calms & Soothes Acne

Got a pesky pimple or acne that popped up overnight? Work some magic with an ice cube! Just place the ice cube over that angry pimple and watch it shrink away! This is the perfect remedy for a quick fix, when you are heading out and would like to lessen the redness and the bump.


Lightens Dark Circles

Reduce the appearance of stubborn dark eye circles by massaging your under-eyes with an ice cube. Up the effectiveness by using an ice cube made of cucumber juice or rose water. Keep up with this remedy for a few days to get brighter, refreshed eyes.


Eliminates Eye Bags

Eye bags are caused by excessive fluid accumulation under the skin. Massage the area with an ice cube, in gentle circular motions, from the inner corner of your eyes to the eyebrows and back. Wrap the ice cube in a clean and soft towel, should the coldness be too much to handle for your delicate skin at the eye area.


Ice, Ice Baby

Though there are a ton of promising and amazing benefits from using the simple ice cube, there are some precautions to be taken to yield the best results.

One precaution is to avoid using ice that is taken directly from extreme freezing temperatures. It may cause ice burns on your skin, which, in turn, will irritate any existing skin condition further. Before committing to rubbing the ice cube all over your face, give it a test on a smaller area to see how your skin would react. Also, you may want to try using a clean and soft cloth to act as a barrier to prevent an ice burn from happening. The cloth would also help keep the process of an ice facial less messy by absorbing the melted ice.

Alternatively, you can give yourself a quick fix by immersing your face in a bowl of cold water, instead of holding on to ice cubes, which can be uncomfortable after a minute or two.

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