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How You Can Water Down Your Weight

Water is a source of life that we cannot do without, but do you know exactly how important water is?

For a start, an average human can only survive for three to four days without water. You can typically survive for a longer period without food than water, so if you are going for a short road trip somewhere without any places you can stop at to restock, it is best to place a high priority on water.

This spring of life also helps us to maintain a stable body temperature by releasing the heat from our body, when our perspiration evaporates from the surface of our skin.

Other than survival, taking in those fluids also prevents you from getting bad breath. You definitely do not want to scare off your date when you open your mouth!

However, another amazing benefit of drinking water is its role in weight loss.


Adding Water to Your Food

Yes, you understood that correctly  simply adding water to your food can help you in attaining weight loss.

Studies have shown that by eating your food after it has been placed in water, rather than eating it in its natural solid form, can help you to feel more satisfied with your meals, which leads to your taking in less calories than you normally would.

If you feel averse to the idea of putting liquid into your solid food, an alternative is to simply drink soup, as it helps you to achieve the same results. However, do take note that you should avoid creamy and oily soup, since they would contribute to your fat intake, as well.


Drinking Water Before Your Meals

If you do not want to place water in your solid food nor drink soup, you can also go around those methods by drinking water before you start eating.

Water helps to suppress your appetite, so taking in water before your meals can curb your hunger a little by making you feel slightly fuller. This means that your food intake will be reduced, helping you achieve that difficult goal of taking in less calories!

Just make sure that you do not drink too much water before your meal. You would not want to go to the bathroom repeatedly in the middle of your meal!


Choose Cold Water, Instead

Drinking cold water is actually a form of exercise for your body. When you ingest cold fluids, your body starts to work by heating up that water. This increases your metabolism, as the extra work put in by your body burns more calories, which helps in weight loss.

So the next time the waiter at your local restaurant asks you to choose between iced water and warm water, do opt for the former, if weight loss is on your list of goals.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

Without sufficient water in the body, you may encounter problems such as constipation, as there is not enough water to soften or loosen your stools. This results in your body holding excess waste, which adds on to your weight.

The weight accumulated from waste, also known as bloating, can add to your waistline, making you look less impressive than you truly are!

Hydrating yourself is also a great way to prevent acne, as dehydration will result in your skin being dry and flaky, which encourages acne breakouts. Drinking water helps you to maintain healthy and soft skin. However, if you do encounter problems with acne, there are always acne treatments available.


Drink Water in Conjunction with Exercise

Exercise is definitely a good way to attain your weight loss target, and drinking sufficient water can help you become more efficient during your exercise sessions.

During exercise, there is plenty of movement in your muscles and joints, and water will facilitate the correct movements, as well as assist the other organs, such as your lungs and heart, to work effectively.

As you perspire during the exercise session, you lose body fluids much more quickly than without exercise. Thus, it becomes more important to prevent dehydration, as mentioned in the previous point. Therefore, it is best that you drink water before, during and after your exercise.


A Recap

That's a lot of benefits associated with drinking water! Not only does water help us in preserving life, it also helps us to maintain a healthy waistline.

Our final piece of advice is that you should not drink water only when you are feeling thirsty. Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water is a good way to start, and avoid drinking beverages high in calories, such as soft drinks and juice.

Water is free of calories and is, thus, the best liquid for you to drink up to attain weight loss.

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