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How You Can Maintain Your Weight On Holiday

It is holiday season and it won’t be long till you start noticing your colleagues disappearing from your office one by one as they jet off to their respective holiday destinations. Who doesn’t love exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. And who can forget the food… those traditional cuisine that are not found anywhere other than in that new city you are in. In Taiwan, you have your pig blood curds… in Canada, you have your poutines... and in Italy, some of those delectable slices of pizza wood-baked in an oven. At the end of the trip, chances are, your jeans might feel just a tad bit too snug for you. But if those holiday weight-gain are starting to worry you, you have nothing to worry about since there are things you can do to keep those pounds off you while you go on your globe-trotting travels.

Take Bus 11

In every city, you are bound to find bus service 11 running through the neighbourhoods of whichever town you are visiting. Wondering where bus 11 stops at? You would have to divert that question over to yourself since ‘bus 11’ refers to your own two feet. Sorry for that awful joke, but there is some logic in taking the longer route of walking. Not only do you get to work out your legs and burn more calories for the extra gorging that you are going to be doing, those extra minutes on foot means you get to explore the city better — some travellers believe that walking around the city and getting lost is one of the best ways to discover new places that are not mentioned in the travel guidebooks.

The Breakfast Buffet

In most hotels, a breakfast buffet comes together with your room rate. But those luxurious spread of pastries, cheese and cured meats are actually going to hamper you from maintaining your weight. Unless you are disciplined enough, breakfast buffets usually put you over your calorie limit since most of us (Singaporeans especially) believe that gorging yourself on the hotel buffet is bang for your buck. If you are looking to keep your trim figure, stick to having your normal meal portions and picking healthier options like an egg-white omelet, fresh fruits or an avocado toast to give you just enough energy for the day. Also, when you stuff yourself that early in the day, it makes you feeling more sluggish and tired and more likely to lust after an afternoon nap.

Snacking Right

A favourite to-do for the ladies while on holidays is to hit up Instagram-worthy cafes that serve up some of the most attention-grabbing dishes. Most of the time, they are sugary sweet delights drizzled with caramel and whipped cream or fried food that are likely to be artery-choking food. If you are looking to load your profile with the freshest hipster haunts, how about sharing a dessert with a friend instead of having it all to yourself? By that same line of thought, it is advisable to not make your trip overly food-centric since you are more likely to have multiple meals without realising it. Even if it is just a snack, those calories might add up without filling you up as they might contain empty calories that are made primarily out of sugar, fats or oils. Be more mindful each time you visit a new food haunt, it is perfectly ok to sit one out and save your calories for something that you think you would truly enjoy.

Quick Hotel Workout

While it is impossible to weigh yourself throughout your trip, something that you could do to keep your weight trim is to pack a 20-minute workout session at the start of your day. Even if your hotel does not include gym access, with just a few furniture that you can find in your hotel room, you can still continue your workout routine. Squats are great since they help tone up your glutes and thighs, while a 30-second mountain climber exercise can bump up your heart rate while working out a few muscle groups all at the same time. If you are looking to ramp up your workout, try doing some dips on a steady chair to fire up the muscles in your chest, triceps and shoulders. If you are the sort who would rather spend your holiday outside the confines of your hotel room, grab your running gear and sprint at a nearby park or brisk walk in the neighbourhood around your hotel.


From Holiday to Nightmare

Going on holiday shouldn’t give you a free pass to un-do all the good work that you have been doing the past months. Even on holiday, you can still maintain your lean figure by being more mindful about what you consume and to stay on course for your workout routine while on holiday. It is important to draw the line or you might just end up being the victim of the holiday season. Travelling with a friend or partner? Make a pact between the both of you just before you board the airplane — a trip abroad might just lead you on a path of indulgence, but with the right eating habits and a travel companion who is willing to nudge you back in line, you would be able to stave off the “inevitable”.

No More Holiday Bulges