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How to Effectively Remove Unwanted Hair

Removing unwanted hair has always been a tedious task that takes up a lot of time and energy. Sometimes, not paying proper attention to pre- and post-hair removal comes with its own set of problems.

It’s best to arm yourself with essential knowledge about how hair grows and reacts to different types of hair removal treatments, before reaching for that wax strip or razor.  


How Hair Grows

Our hairs grow out from the millions of follicles found throughout our bodies. More specifically, the roots, located at the bottom of the follicles beneath the skin are responsible for hair growth. By the time it pushes through the skin and out onto the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, it is already dead. In a matter of a month, our follicles go through the process of life and death.


Ways You Can Remove Unwanted Hair

1. Razors

The easiest and most common solution to removing unwanted hair is to reach for a good razor. Inexpensive, easy and quick to use, these wonderful tools can get you out of a sticky situation in a matter of minutes. This handy tool, however comes with some drawbacks, including ingrown hairs and razor rash. Hair also grows out coarser and thicker.

2. Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are a good alternative if you can’t stand potential ingrown hairs or other problems caused by shaving. These products are also full of strong chemicals that aren’t always good for prolonged use on the skin. Even though they aren’t a quick fix, hair removal creams can give a person better results than shaving can.

3. Waxing

You know how they say beauty is pain? Well, this method of hair removal is a testament to that phrase. As one of the most expensive and painful hair removal methods, waxing yanks the hair from the root, leaving your skin bare within seconds. And because hair is removed from the root, it takes it a longer time to grow back, leaving you with smooth, hairless skin for a longer period of time. Besides using the above methods, you can also opt for natural ways to remove unwanted hairs on your body.

4. Sugar Wax

This somewhat modest, yet effective way to remove hair is an underrated solution that is easy and cheap to execute. The concoction includes fairly simple ingredients, such as sugar, lemon juice and water. Lemon will bleach the hair, making it look considerably lighter, while honey and sugar will contribute to the nourishment of the skin. To get the most out of your sugar wax, take some time to trim your hairs 10 days beforehand.

5. Papaya

Loaded with countless of vitamins and minerals, papayas have been used to tackle a number of skin conditions. The active enzyme papain not only effectively whitens skin naturally, but it also aids in the removal of unwanted hair, by weakening the hair follicles and preventing regrowth. You can make paste out of the papaya flesh and turmeric powder and apply it on your skin at least two to three times a week.

6. Egg Whites

Egg whites make great ingredients for DIY face masks. They are praised for tightening and toning the skin. When mixed with another ingredient like cornstarch, you will have your very own homemade wax. Apart from getting rid of unwanted hair, the mask will also remove impurities in the skin.

7. Lentils and Potatoes

Not only good for cooking, these ingredients contain the power to lighten body hair and stop hair growth in its tracks. Potatoes are a natural bleaching agent, and when mixed with ground lentils, the mixture is said to remove hairs effectively. Remember to soak the lentils overnight, so that they become soft enough to ground before you use them with potato juice.

8. Sugar Lemon Mix

Much like the sugar wax, the sugar lemon mix uses simple ingredients and produces effective results to remove hair. Sugar, when combined with water, becomes a terrific exfoliator for the skin. It will work wonders to remove dead skin and impurities.  Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent that will lighten the appearance of hair, making it less noticeable. It’s useful in the direction of the hair growth and not against it. Repeating the procedure twice a week is enough to reduce the amount of hair on your skin.


Bare Your Skin

Be it with a razor or sugar wax, there are a number of ways to keep your skin hairless and smooth. Be sure to do your own research when using any method of hair removal. Take enough time to test out various ingredients on a patch of your skin before applying it to a larger surface. This is especially true if you are making your own DIY face masks or wax to remove unwanted hair. This is a good test to see if you are allergic to any particular ingredient.

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