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Get Fit While Doing Your Household Chores

If you are in charge of the household chores just like we are, you will realise that between all the mopping, scrubbing and cleaning, there is a fraction of an hour just before bedtime for us to get in our daily workout. But hold up… what about the Korean dramas that are screaming at us to finish them? Or when our little ones come to us with their never-ending questions about homework or just to share their friendship woes? When that comes into the picture, the stress builds up and any time left for ourselves dwindles as the night goes by.

What most of us do is to take the easy way out and to relegate our daily workouts to tomorrow. In an ideal world, we would find another hour out of our day to make up for yesterday’s troubles. But in reality, tomorrow never comes since there is so much on our plate. But wait a minute… between those hours spent ticking your list of household chores, how about maximising that time by incorporating a workout into that space of time?

Put Your Records On

First and foremost, every workout starts with a heart pounding playlist to keep you motivated to move faster. What research has revealed is that simply listening to music that has a playlist of over 128 bpm is sufficient to raise the rate in which you workout. Have you ever found that tuning into music keeps your mind off what you are doing, especially when it is something that ticks you off? Have to scrub the toilet or clean out the storage room? Why not turn up the latest Charlie Puth tune to keep you going and if you are home alone, have a massive sing-a-long while you are at it. What you can do on your way home from work is to create a new playlist filled with all of your favourite hits to get your endorphins pumping while doing your chores. Pop music are great, but if you are struggling for ideas, hip-hop and house music are equally great as well.

Suck It Up

We don’t mean it as such but yes… if you are one of those who can’t deal with any loose strands of hair or dirt on your floor, vacuuming is known to be great as part of your workout. Just by observing the movements required in working the vacuum cleaner, the front and back movement of vacuuming exerts your abdominal muscles. To add another dimension to your vacuum session, keep your muscles flexed each time you have to stretch to get to those hard-to-reach spots like under the sofa or the little space behind the console table. Another tip is to focus on contracting each muscle from the pelvis to the upper abs from one to another. This would give your abs a solid workout that are almost as good as doing a bunch of sit ups.

A Clean Sweep

Keeping the floor clean of debris and dirt means the broom and mop are indispensable tools of the household. Before you go about your usual routine, drop in a few single leg lunge each time you have to sweep under tables that forces you to bend low. With each step that you take forward, drop the opposite knee until it is at a right angle and stay at that position for a few seconds. Looking to maximise that time? How about maintaining that position while sweeping up the surfaces around you. It might seem funny in your head, but it would actually help tone your glutes and thighs, while elevating your heart rate. The sweeping motions with each stroke of the broom would also help work your shoulders and arms for a slimmer you. But remember to alternate between both sides or you would find your body building muscles in a peculiar fashion.

Get a Leg Up

It is no surprise that there are bound to be loads of standing when you have to work the chores. Just think about those time spent at the sink cleaning the dishes or ironing the clothes, those are precious moments that could be spent giving your body a mini workout. When you are stationary, calf raises are great in increasing your balance and improving your ankle stability. Calf raises are simple to do at just about anywhere, by standing hip-width apart, stand on your tippy toes and stay at that position for around 5 seconds before lowering yourself down. Another way you can work those legs is to introduce squats into your routine. Have to constantly shift between the washing machine and the drying rack? Instead of bending down your body each time you have to reach for something at the knee-level, contract those abs, bend your knees and lower yourself down. You will find yourself being liberated of those nasty streaks of cellulite on the back of your legs and bum.


No Compromises Made

As an adult, you shouldn’t have to decide between maintaining your fitness levels and keeping the house spick and span since they are both extremely important to a satisfying life. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds by throwing those two together. Of course putting on your running shoes will have your blood pumping and testerone levels racing through the roofs, but if you are strapped on time, why not take our tips and get fit while wrapping up your chores.

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