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Daikon, The Root Of Your Next Diet

Tired and bored by the usual list of healthy food that you should be including into your diet plan which promises to help you lose weight or to shape up? Well, fret not. We have got your back with this wonderful vegetable that we believe may dethrone the current reign. That amazing vegetable would be daikon, and it should be the root of your next healthy diet.


What is Daikon?

Daikon, also known as the Chinese or Oriental radish that resembles a white carrot. Though the image of a reddish pink bulb would usually come to mind, Daikon is, in fact, from the Raphanus family, historically originating in South East Asian regions. They are usually found in most Chinese and Japanese cuisines, deliciously prepared in soups, and stews and even as pickles.


Promotes Respiratory Health

Packed with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, daikon would make a perfect defender for your body from a viral infection caused by bacteria or viruses. Daikons also contains bioflavonoids, which are substances related to Vitamin C that boost lung function hence aiding in viral infections that makes breathing a tad more difficult due to the increase of mucus production. When taken on a regular basis, daikon helps maintain the health of your respiratory tract and lungs.


Rich in Vitamin C

One of the best immune boosting nutrients, Vitamin C, can be taken in by simply consuming daikon. An increased consumption of vitamin C would boost anti-oxidant actions, resulting in younger-looking skin. The next time you are looking for a boost of vitamin C, pop in a juicy pickled daikon to your meal or snack time.


Promotes Weight Loss

Our body breaks down the food we eat into nutrients with a variety of enzymes. Daikon contains enzymes like amylase and protease. They are the enzymes responsible to break down carbohydrates and protein. Hence, with more enzymes to work on the food in your digestive system, your digestion improves.


High in Fibre

Daikons are rich in fibre, which helps with bowel function and constipation prevention. It keeps your stool moist which eases the transit through the digestive tract.


Betterment of Kidney Function

Daikons help to naturally stimulate diuresis—the process of urination—preventing urine to accumulate in your kidneys to form painful renal stones.


Reduce Cancer Risk

Efficient and effective in eliminating nitrosamine compounds, a common cause of stomach cancer, is one of the benefits of daikon. Daikons also have numerous other phenolic compounds that boost general resistance against cancer and reduce the effects of free radicals on cells.


Maintain Blood Pressure Levels

Potassium, a mineral that is crucial in the regulation of blood pressure and blood vessel health can be found in Daikon. Potassium helps blood vessels to relax and assists in the removal of excessive water through the kidneys. Thus keeping your blood pressure levels in check.


Blood Building Food

Blood building is not as straight-forward as people may believe and hope. It requires various vitamins and minerals like copper and iron to come together in your body. Daikon has a good amount of both copper and iron, which makes it a good source of promoting the production of blood in your body to prevent anaemia. Hence they are a great natural, vegan source for women who lose blood every month during their menstrual cycle.


Preserves Nervous System & Brain Health

Your brain and nervous system may be going through excessive stress and oxidation when you are feeling overwhelmed. Homocysteine is a compound that is produced during this stress which can kill brain cells and hasten the road to premature brain problems. You are able to prevent that or reduce the risk of it by ingesting daikon regularly to help meet folate requirements needed by your brain and nervous system.


Low in Carbs

Daikons are low carbohydrate vegetables which can easily be incorporated as a diet. They are packed with fibre which would mean that you would feel full for a longer period of time and keep your hands away from reaching out to a snack. This, in turn, would benefit you if you are looking at shedding some weight by reducing your daily calorie intake. Simply sneak them in as pickles, noodles (spiral them like you do to get with zuchini noodles) and munch on!


All In All

Including daikon in your diet is a great way to maintain your health. It is a great alternative to meat to get your daily iron intake. They are mild in taste, which makes them versatile to be included in dishes. They are  also low calorie which allows you to have a generous portion to satisfy hunger. The wonderful benefits offered by them make them warrant their inclusion, so don’t miss out on this amazing vegetable and all it has to offer. include daikon a try in your diet plan today!

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