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Choose The Perfect Frames For Your Peepers

Whether you are getting a pair of glasses to help with your vision, draw attention to your understated eyes or enhance your face, finding one pair that complements you may not be an easy feat. But don’t you worry — we have compiled a series of clever tips on how you can find the best fit for your stunning eyes, starting with the shape of your face.


What is Your Shape?

Before we dive right into the options to consider, you’ll first need to determine the shape of your face.

Pull your hair back from your face and take a look in a mirror to decide the overall shape and contours of your face and head. Try matching the shape to the diagram below to see which shape best fit yours. Alternatively, take a picture of yourself looking straight at the camera. Trace the outline of your face to find out. If you are still unsure, seek an opinion from a friend or family member.


Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle face shape is one that has wider cheeks and tapers towards the chin area. You may find that your features, especially the cheeks, are more defined and angular. Soften these angles with frames that are round and curvy or accentuate them with frames that are heavily accented with colour, featuring details on the top half of the frame. They would emphasise and add width to the upper third of your face, while showcasing your defined cheeks at the same time.


Heart-shaped Face

Similar to the inverted triangle shaped face, the heart-shaped has a tapering lower third from the cheeks. The difference is that your forehead area is of the same (or nearly the same) width as the second third of your face, or your cheeks. If your aim is to create a visual balance to the proportions of your face, go with frames that are wider at the bottom. Thin, light-coloured frames and rimless frames that have a lightweight appearance would work great too!


Oval Face Shape

Known as the perfect face shape due to its balanced proportions in all thirds of the face, the oval face shape is considered an ideal and versatile face shape. In short, if you possess this face shape, you are in luck — you will look good in frames of all shapes and sizes!

To maintain the overall balance, look for frames that are as wide as the broadest part of your face. If you have softer curves on your face, try introducing angles with cat-eyed frames to give more definition to your face shape.


Circle Face Shape

Make a quick measurement of your face with a tape ruler. If the width and length of your face are almost the same in length, you have a circular-shaped face. Give your face shape an illusion like that of an oval with frames that are angular and narrow. Rectangular or squarish frames would be ideal, too!


Square Face Shape

Traced a defined jaw and a broad forehead, while you were determining your face shape? Play up your beautiful angles with almond-silhouette frames that have the sharper tips pointing toward your temples or strike a balance by softening the defined angles with a round or oval frame.


Rectangle Face Shape

If you have a rectangular shaped face, you may like to create a look that makes your face appear shorter by picking frames that have more depth than width. The longer depth of the frames will help create and extend middle third portion of your face, resulting in an optical illusion of a shorter face. If you would like to introduce a touch of sensual curves to your face, go ahead and give frames shaped like an downward-facing ‘D’ a go.


More Than Meets the Eye

If you think that the only factor that matters in finding the perfect frames for your peepers is the face shape, think again! Your skin tone and eye colour are important factors to consider too!

There are only two categories of skin tones, which are either ‘cool’ or ‘warm’. A cool-toned complexion usually has hues of blue or purplish-pink and the warm-toned, coral or yellow.  Based on the colour wheel theory, selecting the colours of the same temperature tones would be complementary. So give it a go with camel, orange and red if you have a warm skin tone and the blue, green and demi-amber for cool-toned skin.

If you would love to complement the colour of your pupils, go ahead and use the same colour theory mentioned above to select. Here’s a tip that you may like to opt for a warmer or cooler tone of a certain colour that you are keen on, like a bluish-grey for cool-toned and a pinkish-purple for warm tones. Confused? The rule of thumb here is to ensure that you do not look pale or washed out when the colour is on you!

Despite all these factors that would frame the windows to your soul to the ultimate, a pair of fresh and cheery-looking eyes would always look amazing. Do not shortchange yourself with beautiful frames that are highlighting eye bags and dark eye circles by neglecting to care for your eyes.

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