Best Acne Treatment in Singapore FAQs

1. What are the benefits of undergoing acne treatment?

Acne makes one’s skin look unattractive — not only is it very tough to conceal those unsightly bumps and pimples with thick make-up, acne tends to cause scars that could be permanent. You may discover many physical, emotional and social advantages when you decide to undergo acne treatment.

Firstly, you would be able to improve your body image and self-esteem. You will no longer feel inferior about those ugly pimples marring your looks. Whether you are facing people every day or taking selfies, you no longer have to avoid showing your face at every angle. You will become confident and positive about how you look.  


2. How fast will I see acne treatment results?

You will see results as early as three weeks after your acne treatment. You will continue to notice further improvements after every treatment session. Noticeable clearing up of acne on target areas will be observed after multiple treatments.

Most people will require several sessions to get their desired results. Many of our customers are very happy and satisfied with the results at the end of their acne treatments.


3. What does your acne treatment feel like?

Rest assured that our acne treatment feels comfortable. Your eyes will be protected by goggles and a cold gel will be applied on your skin. During the acne treatment, you may feel a slight sensation of heat but this is completely painless. The whole process takes around 15–30 minutes, depending on the size of the treated areas.

As the treatment duration is rather short and there is no downtime, many of our customers choose to come for their sessions during their lunch hour.


4. Is your acne treatment painful?

No, it is not painful. There is no painful squeezing or usage of needles to get rid of your acne. Those methods are outdated and will most likely cause scarring, if they are not carried out properly. Our revolutionary acne treatment does not cause scarring — it is absolutely safe and proven to be able to clear acne and pimples in a very short period of time.


5. Can I return to normal activities after the acne treatment?

Yes, you can. After the acne treatment, your skin may become slightly pink for up to 15 minutes. Generally, you can proceed with your normal activities immediately and apply your usual skincare products afterwards. Most people often return to work or resume their daily routines on the same day after completing their acne treatment.