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Are Your Pores Working Up A Sweat?

After a heart-pounding workout session at the gym, it is time for a wipe down in the locker room. The atmosphere is laid-back and you are whistling your favourite tune as you come off your exercise high. Just before you hit the shower, you clean the grime off your face. But wait... what are those large crater-like structures that seem to take over your face?

Those ‘calderas’ that you have observed on your face are commonly known as clogged pores and at any given time of the day, they look large, unsightly and are a real pain in the neck. Given how working out is an integral part of a fit and healthy lifestyle, your skin is also working doubly hard to flush out toxins through your pores and keep them spick and span. But with dirt, grime and sweat coming into the picture, your skin might find their exit points blocked out by these nuisances.


How Do Pores Turn Into Clogged Pores?

If you don’t already know what pores are, they are those little openings on the surface of your skin that help the body expunge oils and toxins from within. You will be delighted to know that these little openings are doing their work in almost every part of the body, with the exception of the bottom of your feet and the palms on your hands.

You will find yourself at the mercy of skin issues like acne, whiteheads, blackheads and even cystic acne when your pores become clogged — this is when excess sebum, dirt and dead skin cells are unable to find a way out of the skin. As the pores begin to clog, the pore opening grows in size to accommodate and work around the trapped debris. When that happens, what follows is your skin showing signs of inflammation.


Getting Rid of Clogged Pores

Peruse the web and you will find that there are many home recipes that beauty lovers have cooked up to reduce those large unsightly pores, but a better plan is to ensure that your pores are cleared of those nasty traces of dirt or make-up. It is undeniable that most women know this tip, but do not always practise it — regardless of how exhausted you are after a day out, cleanse your face just before you get to bed and remove all the dirt and make-up that have built up on your skin over the course of the day.

It has been said that facial masks are also highly recommended, since they pull all the oil and embedded sebum and dirt from your pores. As a supplement to your existing cleansing routine, apply a facial mask once a week. For those who would much rather stay away from store-bought masks, there are many home-made masks that are touted to be “organic” on the web, if you are short on ideas.

Another fantastic alternative is to hit the sauna in your gym. If your gym has a sauna in the changing room, consider stepping in for a short detox session. Just 10 minutes in the steamy sauna would help your pores open up and help the oil escape. A tip to remember is to cleanse your face thoroughly before and after your short sauna session.


Can We Reduce Our Pore Sizes?

As mentioned, reducing the size of your pores may prove to be challenging. Once the pore openings have been stretched out, you will find that your pores will tend to remain at that size. What we have strongly advised is based on a preventive approach to keep your pores from getting bigger than they already are.

The important takeaway from this article is to NEVER attempt to squeeze your clogged pores and remove the dirt with your own bare hands. While it may seem like an immediate fix, you might just inflict lasting damage on your skin tissue in the process. This is basic skincare 101.

If you are struggling with the size of your pores each time you look into the mirror, the first step is to come to terms with it. But wait… all is not lost. Thanks to the advanced technology in skincare, there are treatment options at dedicated skin centres that can visually minimise the size of your enlarged pores.

But, lest you forget, prevention is the key to stopping your pores from getting enlarged. If you want your skin to win the battle against sweat, pollution and make-up, the magic words are always ‘cleanse’ and ‘exfoliate’.

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