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Are These Parts of Yours Betraying Your Age?

Think that you have done all that you can to keep your body in shape and lock in your desired body age in the game of ageing? Well, think again! To help you spot the body betrayal of your age, we have compiled a checklist below, to help you leave no stone unturned.

You will find in this list, the worst betrayers of the age of your body and how you can place more attention to them effortlessly. It is definitely one of the best ways, if you love the idea of sharing your frozen digits of desired age every single year during your birthday, without the increment of the digits. Read on to find out!



Starting from the very top of the body with this checklist is our hair. Exposed to sun and chemical treatments in hair salons, our hair is put through the tests of resilience. They are bound to suffer dehydration and much more damage that leave our hair looking frizzy and unkempt. On top of that, annoying grey strands would appear and kickstart the whole vicious cycle of wanting to treat them with the chemical process of dyeing.

Hence, while you are at the salon, be sure to make it a point to add in a pampering session of hair treatment. Regular hair treatments to topically condition and strengthen your hair are the key to achieving silky soft hair. Imagine that gorgeous shine in those locks of hair falling in place like in the commercials you see every so often. However, if you would prefer a home remedy, cold-pressed coconut oil may just be your best pal to meet on a regular, weekly basis.



There is an old saying: “Your eyes are the windows to your soul”. So why not match your peepers to your youthful soul? As we age, the muscles holding our eyelids taut would grow weaker. This can result in an excess amount of fat being stored above and below our lids.

The result? Unflattering, saggy eye bags that may tell more of an older age than you actually are. Maintain and enhance the look of your eyes by staying well hydrated, getting sufficient rest and reducing the amount of salt that you consume.



Next in line of the betrayers is your neck. It can reveal your age in an instant, as the skin will become saggy and wrinkled when neglected. To reverse and freeze time for your neck, simply extend your facial skincare downwards and show the skin there some tender loving care without fuss.



You may not realise this, but your elbows are probably bent hundreds of times a day. From resting on them at the desk, picking things up to even lifting your phone to your face, with all this flexing, the skin at your elbows is bound to sag and wrinkle even more over time without your noticing.

We would love to share a remedy that can put a stop to the flowing sand in an hourglass. But the sad truth is, there is not much that you can do, apart from keeping them moisturised with hydrating lotions, creams or oils.


They are probably the most used body part that is being exposed to all sorts of elements and damaging conditions, from washing your hands with soap that may strip moisture from your skin, leaving them prone to premature wrinkles, to the exposure of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays while you are driving.

To combat the situation, applying sunscreen at the back of your hands, while you do your touch-ups for your face, could be the easy start that you would need. Alternatively, the oldest trick in the book of applying moisturiser can do, too. It’s added bonus if you use hand moisturisers that have UV protection, too!



Like elbows, our knees go through hundreds of flexing a day. Wrinkling, sagging skin is inevitable and on top of those, our knees have the tendency to accumulate fat and turn lumpy and puffy too. Oh, the horror! With a melting candle-like appearance that usually relates to older age, your knees may be the ultimate culprit to the crime of revealing your actual age.

The most effective way of fixing any saggy skin is by seeking cosmetic surgery. However, you can slow the rate of your knees’ ageing by moisturising, protecting them against the sun’s UV rays and having a balanced diet with an adequate amount of vitamin C and zinc.

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