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Apple Cider Vinegar, Your Must-Have Kitchen Staple

Do you know of a food product that can be used to clean your home, hair and even your face? Well, we do. The answer: apple cider vinegar!

This multi-purpose product is a staple every kitchen pantry should have. But that does not mean its use is only limited to the kitchen; the use of apple cider vinegar goes beyond making salad dressings and marinades. Let us find out more about this versatile kitchen staple as well as its many uses.


How is It Made?

Those who are well-acquainted with fermented food would be familiar with apple cider vinegar. The process of making apple cider vinegar involves extracting the liquid from apples by crushing them.

Next, the extracted liquid is mixed with bacteria and yeast, which sets off the fermentation process. During the fermentation process, the bacteria and yeast feed on the sugar in the liquid to produce alcohol. The fermentation stage continues by adding bacteria into the alcohol, resulting in the production of acetic acid as well as malic acid.

Both these acids are the main components found in apple cider vinegar. They are what provides apple cider vinegar with its distinct sour taste.


Apple Cider Vinegar, The Kitchen Wonder

If you have ever searched for ways to create your own natural all-purpose cleaner or home remedies to cure acne, you might have stumbled upon an article recommending the use of apple cider vinegar. The use of apple cider vinegar extends throughout a number of different categories, from the home to skincare and even dental care.   

Vinegar Up Your Home

Using apple cider vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner is a popular alternative to commercial cleaning products. It is not only more affordable, but also much safer compared to the cleaning products that are usually filled with chemicals. You can use it to clean your kitchen countertop, remove grease on the stove, or wiping up dusty cabinets. To create your very own, natural all-purpose cleaner, simply mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water. You can add a bit of baking soda too, which will allow you to remove stains. If you are not a fan of the smell of apple cider vinegar, you can mix a few drops of your favourite essential oils to disguise its sour scent.  

Freshen Up Your Breath

It might seem strange to use apple cider vinegar as a way to combat bad breath. It seems counter-intuitive to use something that smells so sour to keep your mouth smelling fresh and clean. However, many people swear by the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar as a mouth freshener because of its anti-bacterial properties. This is due to the high levels of acetic acid and malic acid present in apple cider vinegar. Both of these acids create an acidic environment that is unfriendly to the growth of bacteria. Thus, this may help in killing the bacteria in your mouth and body that causes bad breath. You can choose to use this method in one of two ways: firstly, you can drink a diluted mixture of apple cider vinegar and water everyday to kill the bacteria in your body. The second method is to gargle the diluted apple cider vinegar just as you would with a regular mouthwash.

Tighten Up Your Pores

The presence of large, clogged pores can age you considerably, and nobody wants that! That is why there are many products available in the market nowadays that specifically target at minimising enlarged pores. Pore-tightening treatments are also fairly popular in spas and beauty salons. If you prefer the natural route to minimise the size of your pores, give apple cider vinegar a shot. The alpha hydroxy acids found in apple cider vinegar may help in reducing the size of enlarged pores, thus making them appear less visible. All you have to do is dilute apple cider vinegar with some water, damp a cotton pad with the mixture, and swipe it on your entire face. Do this once a week to allow your skin to get used to the apple cider vinegar. If you do not experience any sensitivity or other adverse reactions, you can gradually increase the number of applications per week.

Combat Your Itchy Scalp

Commercial haircare products that aim to get rid of an itchy scalp can sometimes be too harsh due to the chemicals present, and can strip your hair of its moisture, thus resulting in dry and frizzy hair. A gentler way to combat an itchy scalp is by applying apple cider vinegar. As always, begin by diluting the apple cider vinegar with water and use it in place of your shampoo once a week. Doing this also has the added benefit of cleaning your hair and scalp of all the gunk that has accumulated from the frequent use of haircare products like hair texturising sprays, mousse, and serums. Another alternative is to keep the diluted apple cider vinegar and water mixture in a spray bottle. You can then spray it directly onto the itchy areas of your scalp.