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8 Smart Ways You Can Walk To Lose Weight

The key to losing weight is a combination of diet and regular exercise. But in today’s world, we have been spending more time sitting than ever before. We sit at work, we sit on our commute journey and we sit when we get home. We are basically being couch potatoes wherever we go!

Our sedentary lifestyle will eventually take a toll on our health. But what happens if high-intensity interval training (HIIT) programmes and calorie-burner routines, like kickboxing or running long distances, are too intensive for you? Does that mean the journey to a fitter you is put on hold?

On the contrary, milder exercises, such as walking can also help you to drop the pounds and keep you in shape, while improving your overall health. Just take a look at the grandmothers and grandfathers who walk regularly at your neighbourhood park. Don’t you think they still look in the pink of health, despite their age? I bet if you were to ask for their secrets, they would tell you it is because they walk often.


Health Benefits of Walking

Some of the benefits you will achieve while walking include: Increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness; reducing the risks of heart disease and stroke; reduction of body fat; improvement of existing conditions, such as hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes; giving you stronger bones; improving your balance and increasing your muscle strength and muscle endurance.


Walking is Free

Unless you do not own a pair of sneakers, walking is a free activity that can be accomplished anywhere, at any time, regardless of the weather, as well. If it is a lovely day out, take a walk around the park. If it is pouring out there, you can simply walk up the stairs of your block.

“But,” you protest, “I am too busy to walk. I have too many errands to run.” Spending time to walk regularly seems impossible. In this article, we will show you some easy ways you can incorporate walking into your daily routine So lace up your shoes and walk your way to good health with these eight tips.

Tip 1: Walk and Talk

Instead of sitting down while receiving or making a call, get up and walk around, while you are on the phone. Even if you are simply walking around in circles, at least you are clocking some steps in.

Tip 2: Take the Stairs

Take the stairs whenever possible. Skip the escalators and make a conscientious effort to walk up the stairs. Skip the elevator too, unless you live or work in a skyscraper.

Tip 3: Walk the Dog

If you happen to own a dog, take your pet out for daily walks. Daily walks are good for pets, since they spend most of the time indoors and need a form of exercise to keep them in shape, as well. Besides, walking your dog also helps to foster a stronger bond between the two of you. Healthy dog, healthy you and healthy relationship.

Tip 4: Run Your Errands on Foot

Even if you live near a mall, do you find yourself driving during grocery shopping days? If so, stop that now, and walk your way to the mall and back. Besides, you will be building up your arm muscles, while carrying those heavy bags of groceries.

Tip 5: Invest in a Pedometer or FitBit

The recommended number of steps per day is 10,000 steps. But how do you know if you have achieved 10,000 steps? You may think you are walking a ton now, but the best way you can find out if you have achieved your goal is to invest in a pedometer or FitBit. Strap one on your wrist and walk away.

Tip 6: Walk with the Family

What is ‘family bonding’ to you? Is it spending time in front of the television or mobile gadgets, when no one is actually interacting with each other? Why not get the whole family to walk together? Leave the mobile gadgets at home and just spend 10 to 15 minutes walking around the park. Not only does walking get the entire family healthy, but it also helps to strengthen the family bond, as you ask about each other’s day.

Tip 7: Walk to Work

If you are lucky enough to live close by to work, walk to work instead. If you have to commute, consider alighting at a stop earlier and walking the rest of the journey to work. Do the same after you are done with work.

Tip 8: Walk to Your Colleague’s Desk

Some offices provide a cubicle for each employee, while some offices have more than one level. This has made communicating among colleagues more impersonal, as you tend to just pick up the phone or send an email instead of talking face to face. Why not take the opportunity to visit your colleague in person? For one, you get to clock in some steps. Plus, it helps foster a better working relationship with your colleagues, which may pay dividends for your work performance down the road.

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