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5 Ways to Look Fresh After a Flight

With the year-end holidays just around the corner, travelling to places near or far becomes somewhat of a common affair. Apart from planning a trip and packing your bags, in-flight skincare routines are sometimes overlooked, but keeping your skin healthy and hydrated during the course of your flight is one of the most important things you should prep for.

There are a number of ways to keep yourself looking fresh and well-rested before arriving at your destination — Here are five ways to combat skin problems caused by the unforgiving in-flight environment.


1. Go Easy on the Make-up & Don’t Forget to Moisturise

If you’re taking a long-haul flight, it is best to keep your make-up to a minimum or skip it altogether. The dry and harsh cabin air will dull your complexion and dry out your skin, which might lead to post-flight breakouts — and that’s the last thing anyone wants to face (pun intended) before stepping off the plane! Instead of slathering on make-up, keep your skin hydrated with lotions, serums, etc.

For long-haul flights, put on a generous amount of rich cream before getting some shuteye, or better yet, wear a mask that you can leave on for a longer period of time. Besides maintaining the dewy glow of your skin, remember to carry a nourishing lip cream or balm to treat dry, chapped lips.


2. Get Enough Rest

Instead of packing at the very last minute, plan and pack ahead of time, so that you can have a healthy amount of sleep before your flight. This is especially helpful if you’re the type that finds it difficult to get some shuteye on a plane and is opposed to taking sleeping pills.

If you’re taking a long-haul flight, you might want to pack some travel essentials, like an eye mask, travel pillow and most importantly, noise-cancelling headphones to rest and relax comfortably.


3. Avoid Certain In-flight Snacks & Beverages

It might be tempting to eat unhealthy snacks during your flight, but resist the urge as snacks filled with salt, fat and sugar will leave you feeling sluggish, cause fluid retention, and even breakouts. If you’re feeling thirsty, the best drink you can reach for is plain water, instead of alcoholic beverages.

Keep in mind that the aircraft cabins experience reduced pressure compared to normal atmospheric pressure, which in turn puts more pressure on your body. The combination of low pressure and the limited oxygen in your blood due to low cabin pressure sounds bad enough, without alcohol thrown into the mix. Drinking alcohol 30,000 to 35,000 feet in the air will not only have a faster effect on you, but it will also dehydrate your cells.


4. Choose Your In-flight Meals Wisely

Get something light and nutritious, instead of something full of carbohydrates, fat and salt. You’re going to be sitting most of the time, so this kind of meal will cause bloating and fluid retention. It’s wise to carry a nutrition bar or two to ensure that you’re always feeling full. This will deter you from binging on more than you should for the duration of your flight.

It’s also helpful to take note of meal timings and the times you’ve had something to eat. This becomes somewhat of a challenge on long-haul flights, when food is available almost all the time and your body is adjusting itself to both the new environment and the new time zone you’re entering.

To put it simply, eating food during times when you usually wouldn’t will cause you to eat more. The best practice for eating timings on long-haul flights is to stick to your regular meal times and then switch the times of your meal intake, only when you have arrived at your destination.


5. Arrive Bright-eyed!

With new places to explore, tons of pictures to take and numerous sights to see,

red and puffy eyes are the last things you would want to tend to after arriving at your destination. Soothe your tired eyes with lubricant eye drops in between movie binges and after reading one or two chapters of your favourite book and you’re good to go!


Flaunt That Skin!

Your in-flight skin routine doesn’t have to be tedious or extremely rigid. It’s important that you are comfortable for the duration of your flight and well-rested before you arrive at your destination, so that you can make the most out of your trip, instead of worrying about breakouts or a dull complexion.

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