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5 Easy Peasy Ways To Minimize Pores

As much as you want smooth, uniform and perfectly polished facial skin like freshly buffed wood surface blessed by Saint Joseph the patron saint of carpenters, pores are essential skin structures that are responsible for releasing sebum and sweat secretions.

You may have freshly exfoliated, moisturised and supple texture and round-the-clock anti-aging weapons systems, but neglected pore management can yield permanent and costly consequences.

There exists no methods to remove pores, nor should there be anyway.


Care For Your Face To The Moon And Back

But don’t come back looking like the moon, though. While pores are naturally-occurring and genes determine their sizes, bad skin management and practices like constantly clogged pores and squeezing them can cause them to enlarge and deepen. Deep pores may not be visible when you are young, but as you grow older, your skin may stretch your pores wider; the deeper the pore, the wider it becomes.

Don’t put off skincare regime until the night before your romantic date when you are suddenly left with no time to deal with a inflamed pore due to clogging or that blackhead that had gotten a little too noticeable. Chances are that you are going to give them a ‘quick fix’ by squeezing them.

Do these with enough frequency and you will be faced with crater-sized problems of astronomical proportions over time.

Below, we present 4 easy steps to maintain control over your pores.


Unclog The Bog

Both AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, also known as glycolic and lactic acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids or salicylic acid) are effective exfoliants and cleansing acids found in various facial products.

According to Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a dermatologist and director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, “AHAs and BHAs dissolve the connections between your cells and the surface of your skin to essentially 'unclog' pores.”

AHAs peel away the surface layer of your skin to uncover the newer, healthier skin beneath and remove any dead skin cells that may later clog your pores, and BHAs penetrate deeper into the pores to remove the dead skin cells within the pores i.e. blackheads.

You should select carefully which product to use based on your skin type and condition. Consult your dermatologist on your best options.


Tighten Not Just Your Pores But Your Regime

Now that you have raided out the criminal dead skin cells, it will be for naught if you do not tighten the pores and prevent it from infesting again. Retinoids, vitamers of vitamin A, help regulate cell reproduction, collagen production and sebum secretion. Retinoids are widely used to treat inflammatory skin issues like acne. However, retinoids can take some time getting used to, especially for dry and/or sensitive skin (best is to consult a dermatologist).

Ruling over your skin with an authoritarian (skincare) regime takes commitment. To maintain the benefits of using retinoids, you will need to apply it as frequently as recommended by the product or your skincare expert.


Be A Sleeping Beauty Without The Makeup

The prince is not coming anytime soon, so you will not need the makeup at night.

Sleeping with makeup on is as terrible for the skin as keeping your contact lenses on while you snooze. The fine powder of foundation can soak up dirt and facial oil, forming a sludge-like texture and clog up your pores. In addition, oil-based makeup like lipsticks and some eyeliners can also cause clogging and enlarge pores, as well as encourage bacteria growth and skin irritation, leading to inflammation.

So, be sure to use skin-friendly makeup removal and cleanse your face before you hit the sack so to not wake up to a nasty surprise.


Put On Sunscreen

Moderate sunshine exposure is good for skin and overall wellness. However, too much of it, like anything else, is harmful to your skin beyond just a sunburn. Prolonged UV rays can damage your skin cells and their DNA to cause skin ageing, loss of skin elasticity, unwanted hyperpigmentation and skin cancer.

Quoting Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology in New York, "The sun breaks down your skin's collagen, which is responsible for keeping your face firm and elasticized, so you're left with larger pores and stretchier skin after repeat exposure." So don’t be lazy or complacent, put on some sunscreen before you hit the streets.


Laser Zaps For Ugly Gaps

Lasers provide a whole new level of game plan over acids, creams and lotions, being able to penetrate much deeper under the layers for more effective and much more permanent treatment. Currently there exist various types of non-ablative laser treatments such as CoolTouch, Medlite, Genesis, Fraxel etc. where the laser heats up microscopically-targeted tissue, without destroying it, and stimulate collagen production to correct imperfections.