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5 Different Ways to Use Your Red Lipstick

The red lipstick. It is a must-have lip product you would find in the makeup bags of any self-respecting lover of cosmetics. Whatever formulation it comes in — matte, liquid, satin or gloss — the red lipstick is able to completely transform your makeup look. You can use it to elevate a minimal makeup look by pairing it with a simple eye makeup, or to transform your casual day out makeup to total glitz and glam for a night out.


The Many Faces of Red Lipstick

The use of red lipstick is not just limited to your puckers, however. Just do a quick search on YouTube and you will find many videos demonstrating the various ways you can use red lipstick on different parts of your face. Want to add a bit of natural flush to your cheeks? Dab on a smidge of red lipstick. Trying to conceal your dark circles? Apply some red lipstick to colour correct those shadows.

If you are intrigued, read on to find out more on how you can use this versatile lip product to up your makeup game.

Flush Those Cheeks

If you are well-versed in the makeup world, you know that applying foundation to your entire face has the downside of making your face look dull and one-dimensional. This is where the role of blush application comes in. Applying blush on your cheeks is an important step in makeup application as it has the ability to lift your makeup look. Powder blushes are great for those with an oily or combination skin type as it has a longer staying power. People with a drier skin type tend to opt for cream blushes as they do not accentuate any dry or flaky patches on the skin. Cream blushes tend to look more natural on the cheeks too compared to powder ones. For an alternative to the cream blush, why not try applying red lipstick instead? Simply dab on a bit of lipstick onto your cheeks and blend it out to create a subtle, pinky tone. Be sure to not put on too much of the lipstick or you risk making yourself look like a clown.  

All Attention to Your Eyes

If you are bored of your eyeshadow palettes or simply in an experimental mood, why not use red lipstick in place of eyeshadow? Use the lipstick on its own or blend it with other eyeshadow colours to create a bold eye makeup that will surely grab the attention of onlookers. In the case of using red lipstick as eyeshadow, liquid formulations would work better as they are easier to blend compared to bullet lipsticks. If you do decide to try this, be cautious of the lipstick you use. Red lipsticks usually contain carmine, an ingredient sourced from insects that help cosmetic companies achieve the bright red colour in their lipsticks. While carmine is commonly used in the cosmetics industry, it does have an allergy risk so do check the ingredients of your lipstick before applying it on your eye area.

Get Glossy Peepers

Applying pink glossy hues on the eyes is a great way to give yourself a more youthful appearance, but it can be tricky to achieve. For a simple hack on how to get those glossy lids, you can mix some red lipstick with a bit of lip balm or clear gloss on the back of your hand. This will help to sheer out the red colour of the lipstick to a more pinky hue. Then, apply the mixture sparingly onto your eyelids. If there is a bit of mixture left on your hand, you can apply it onto your cheekbones for a subtle pink highlight.

Erase Your Dark Circles

Barring going for a treatment to remove dark circles under the eyes, a clever use of concealer is usually the way to go to get rid of those annoying bags. If the shadows under your eyes are particularly dark, applying a colour corrector prior to concealer is an effective way to completely cover them up. Colour correctors are useful in covering up different facial imperfections including dark spots and redness. In the case of dark circles, using colour correctors in the shades salmon or peach will help to cancel out their brown or purplish tones. If you do not own a colour corrector, you can try using red lipstick instead to correct those shadows. Simply apply them as how you would apply a colour corrector (be sure to use a light hand!), layer some concealer on top, and blend them out.

Up Your Cat Eye Game

If you have mastered the cat eye technique with a black eyeliner, what about going out of your comfort zone and experimenting with some red cat eye instead? Choose a red lipstick with a similar texture as a gel eyeliner so it can glide on more easily, and use an eyeliner brush to apply the lipstick with. If you accidentally made any messes, simply use a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover to clean them up. Sharpen up the ends of your cat eye with the cotton bud too to achieve a more defined look. Finally, apply a bit of setting powder to ensure your eyeliner lasts for as long as possible.