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10 Items A Beauty Aficionado Should Own

Skincare Products

Here are five essential skincare items to have you looking like a million bucks every day:

1. Toner

The first and foremost important item to use right away after cleansing skin, toners are designed to rebalance the skin after washing with a cleanser. There are different textures of toners depending on your skin type, ranging from water-based to gel or lotion textures. Toners rid your skin of excess oil and make-up left over from your face after you have washed it. Think of toners as a preparatory step for moisturisers and serums.

2. Eye Cream

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. And yet, they are the very first telltale sign of aging. If you did not have a good night’s sleep, it shows on your eyes the very next day. If you are well-rested, you will be looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Before wrinkles and fine lines seek refuge under your eye area, fight them off by using an eye cream now.

3. Serum

To be honest, you do not HAVE to have a serum in your regimen, as long as you have your basic skincare routine down. However, if you do want to include a serum, pick the right one for your skin condition. There are serums for hydration, anti-aging, whitening and brightening. They are formulated with a higher concentration of active ingredients that help to intensify the effects of your skincare routine. You can either use the serum as the last step after your toner for someone who has oily skin, or use it under a moisturiser, if you have normal or dry skin.

4. Moisturiser

A good moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated, in order to keep it healthy. Choosing the right moisturiser for your skin and applying it correctly, will keep dry skin at bay, prevent flaking and dullness and create a protective layer of moisture on your skin that lasts all day. For oily skin, look for a gel- or lotion-based moisturiser. For drier skin, look for a cream moisturiser.

5. Sunscreen

Putting on sunscreen is the final step of your daytime routine. The function of sunscreen is to primarily shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from penetrating the skin and triggering skin disorders. Using sunscreen also helps to prevent premature aging caused by sun exposure.


Beauty Products

Five basic make-up items you should never leave the home without are:

1. Foundation

This is one of the make-up products that is usually a staple. The foundation is the first layer of make-up you use as your base before you layer on the other products. Light-coverage foundation, such as BB cushion or tinted moisturiser, gives you a more natural look; while medium-coverage foundation, like liquid foundation, gives you a more made-up look.

2. Blusher

This is the ultimate instant perk-me-up. Regardless of skin colour, there is a shade for everyone: Rose, apricot, pink, or orange. There are also different textures of blushers for you to choose from: Gel, cream, liquid and powder. Feeling under the weather? Fake a lively face simply by swiping a pretty pop of colour across the apples of your cheeks.

3. Concealer

Having a good concealer is like having Batman save the city of Gotham or Superman to the rescue. It has saved many women on a myriad of occasions, from when pesky pimples pop up just before a date night to when you are in a tussle with your under-eye baggage. There are two types of concealers — one that is meant for the dark eye circles and the other meant for covering up age spots and blemishes. The perfect concealer should be seamless with the rest of your make-up, so that it does not stand out on its own.  

4. Lipstick

A lipstick is like the ‘Little Black Dress’. Your make-up will look incomplete if you leave your lips bare. Dress to kill with a signature red pout, be laid-back and carefree with a pretty pink pout or opt to play up a mysterious vibe with a rich purple tone — you can vary your make-up routine with different shades of lip colours.

5. Mascara

Applying mascara to your lashes is the final step to completing your make-up routine. Each individual’s eyelashes are different. Some are blessed with thick, luscious lashes that require just a thin coat of mascara (or maybe even no mascara). Some have barely-there lashes, while others have lashes standing at attention at a straight 90-degree angle. There are mascaras that lengthen the lashes, mascaras that volumise the lashes and mascaras that define your lashes. With so many different mascaras in the market, you are bound to find one that will help your lashes.

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